About Us


Across the road or across the nation Shane Blakeborough Logistics will deliver on time every time in a safe and compliant manner


Shane Blakeborough Logistics offers quality skills, knowledge and a dedicated staff to carry out the necessary functions to make this transition happen.

Utilizing an integrated, approach, we provide customer-oriented solutions centred on delivering customer value and industry-leading service. At SBL we provide safe and reliable transportation services to a diverse group of customers throughout Australia.

SBL has a fleet of more than 50 vehicles. Our unique range of equipment is designed to meet a variety of customer needs. The fleet is constantly reviewed and upgraded to ensure that all customers’ requirements are met, safety standards and improvements are addressed and that equipment remains durable and available for service.

Line haul operates an extensive road fleet spread across Australia and incorporates Interstate Road Line haul services utilizing a combination of Company fleet, haulers and subcontractors. It operates specialized prime movers and trailers that cater for a huge variety of unique customer cargoes.