Heavy-Haul Trailers

Green Hornet11

We have a wide range of trailers that will suit all of your transport needs to ensure your cargo arrives safely.  Our trailers are fitted with road friendly rated suspension.  All of our trailers are fitted out with all the appropriate equipment for various jobs.

Heavy Haul Trailers

Flat top Trailers

Heavy Haul

  • 22 pallet space single flat decks, complete with container pins
  • 34 pallet space B-Doubles, complete with container pins

Long Haul

  • 22 pallet space single Tautliners
  • 34 pallet space B-Doubles
Container Skel


  • Single container Skels
  • Double container Skels
  • Side loader trailers
Platform Trailer

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  • 48ft drop deck extendables with ramps, compatible to carry over height containers
  • 45ft drop decks, fitted with 3 way container pins


  • 22 pallet space Refrigerated trailers
  • 34 pallet space Refrigerated B-Doubles
  • 22 pallet space Freezer trailers
  • 34 pallet space Freezer B-Doubles


  • On demand