GM Neville Robertson



Neville Robertson has been in the transport business for over thirty years. He sold his business as an owner operator of a small trucking business to long time colleague Shane Blakeborough, who was expanding his business interests to include a Transport and Logistics business.

Neville and Shane have known each other for over 25 years, and it was a logical step that these men with a passion for the transport industry should join forces, to operate Shane Blakeborough Logistics commonly known as SBL.

Neville in his position of General Manager has seen the company expand from operating 4 trucks in December 2011 to successfully managing a fleet of 25 vehicles.

With a small dedicated administration team “making it happen ‘ is a testament of Neville’s determination to oversighting the rapid expansion of the company which  includes

  • SBL drivers meeting intrastate contracts as well as at least 20 vehicles being interstate on any day.
  • The servicing and  maintenance of both the SBL Fleet and 40 pieces of equipment  from Journey Management Group
  • Outgrowing their existing premises and expanding operations into adjoining buildings creating “SBL Logistics Park”
  • The refurbishment of some old vehicle to Truck show standard

Both Neville and Shane were educated in the old Technical school system from which they developed their passion for all thing trucking and purchases and refurbishment within the company workshops of some older vehicles has created wide interest amongst employees and the industry alike

They both believe and promote the philosophy that SBL is a family orientated company  and the slogan “It’s a family thing” is promoted throughout the business

Interacting with clients and staff alike is an enjoyable part of Neville’s job. He is always willing to listen, and incorporate good ideas and business practice into SBL and has an open door policy amongst staff and customers.

Neville shows a great pride when he talks about the Truck shows which have seen the old and latest of the SBL fleet displayed.

Away from the business Neville dedicates his time to his family. He is married with 3 children, and his home is always full of people enjoying his family environment

Neville would like to find a little more time so that he can take his Harley Davidson out of the garage and onto the open road, or the ski boat onto the lake with the children, but it may happen next year.