Kenworth SAR “Mack Muncher”

Mack Muncher

Project time here yet again at SBL.  Shane found us a 1987 Kenworth SAR in it original Cleveland Freightline livery.  The workshop has been spending sometime doing some minor maintenance and the Klos boys have done some signwriting on the door.  The “Mack Muncher sure drew a lot of attention up at Castlemaine.  Plenty more still to come on this one.

If anyone knows any history on this truck we would be interested to hear it, here’s some of what we have discovered so far

This is what an ex CFL employee had to share about our truck

”  .. I worked at CFL from early 1989 til mid 2002 & while I never actually drove LT47 I will tell you the little I know about it & hope the info is helpful.. It started its life as one of a batch of 5 SAR’s that Frank bought together… 400 Cat, 13od + 3.5 diffs.. I’m unsure who drove it from new until 1989, but when I started there the SAR’s & W models had recently been geared down (sort of) & put to work pulling doubles.. A bloke by the name of Ken Rogers (r.i.p) was driving LT47 at the time. The road train boys used to leave Adelaide, go to Coolgardie, turn around back to Pt Augusta, turn around back to Coolgardie, turn around & go back home to Adelaide every week.. I can’t remember exact time frames but Kenny was in LT47 for quite some time.. At some stage Kenny moved on & ended up dying from the jack dancer sometime in the 90’s.. LT47 had several different drivers thru it after Ken departed.. A bloke named Lux tipped it over at Southern Cross in about 1996 or 97 & I’ve got a vague recollection of it also being tipped over out near Cocklebiddy sometime after that but I might be wrong about that.. In the late 90’s the SAR’s got moved off the Perth run & were pulling doubles Pt Augusta to Dubbo but thats kinda where my knowlege runs out coz I never had anything to do with the eastern work.. Hope that helps a littler bit, if there is anything specific you want to know I can probably find out for you from contacts who still work there.. Are you working the truck or is it just a showpiece now? It certainly looks the part….”47Castlemaine Truck Show 2013 002Castlemaine Truck Show 2013 009

Castlemaine Truck Show 2013 222